Chief Scott Hughes has been in law enforcement since 1997. Serving in numerous leadership positions in several departments, Hughes has helped transform cultures through effective leadership, personnel management, and accountability. For over twenty years, Chief Hughes has served as an instructor through the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Commission, and also collaborates with attorneys teaching use of force, tactics, and case law. Chief Hughes is a contributing writer and instructor for Calibre Press on numerous specialties, including leadership and the “Legally Justified, But Was It Avoidable” training sessions.

Scott Hughes

Chief Hughes has a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Charleston, is a member of the Association of Force Investigators, and has a Certified Law Enforcement Executive (CLEE) designation. He chairs the Professional Services Committee for the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and is a member of the Education Committee.

Chief Hughes also serves as a subject matter expert on various legal issues, including use of force, police procedures, and police policy.

He serves as a Law Enforcement Client Advisor with Fireproofed Leadership, assisting clients on a wide range of law enforcement leadership and culture change initiatives, coaching, audits, and more.

Chief Hughes is currently the Chief of Police of one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Ohio.


Police Policies and Procedures

Ensure all applicable policies, procedures and laws were followed. Review the detention and the reasonableness of the arrest, as well as applicable reports.

Police Response Driving and Pursuits

Review police response driving and pursuits to ensure that all applicable policies, procedures and laws were followed based on the totality of the circumstances at the time of the incident.

Department Auditing and Consulting

Review agency operations, policies and procedures. Consult on management, leadership, and personnel matters.

Use of Force

The use of less than lethal and lethal force by police officers.

Force Mitigation

Communication skills, “de-escalation,” evaluation of officers and their tactical response.


Provide training on establishing effective cultures, morale and first line supervision.