Wednesday May 31, 2023    
All Day

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This class is private for the Jackson Township Fire Department.

Do I have a legal duty to act off duty?

Can a paramedic relinquish care to an E.M.T.?

What is my jurisdictional limit?

What is an emancipated minor?

What are the legal rights of an emancipated minor?

When can I force entry into a building?

What should I do if presented with a valid DNR and Durable Power of Attorney that conflict?

Are you Liable? is a class developed by Bob Meader who was a paramedic for twenty years and is now a licensed practicing attorney.  He will answer these questions and more in a presentation that is both entertaining and educational.

Be prepared to be placed in the shoes of EMT’s who have had to make those hard decisions without a judge or attorney shouting instructions.  Leave the presentation with a renewed sense of confidence on making legal decisions in the living rooms and intersections on your future runs.