All of the cases identified here are binding on the entire State of Ohio and are impactful on day-to-day law enforcement.

Each would be an excellent roll call training for your team!

Do not fail your training and don’t let your training fail you …

  1. If a suspect is transferred out of a hospital to another and his criminal clothes are left behind, does law enforcement need a warrant to seize the clothing?

  1. Can law enforcement seize clothing of a murder suspect from his hospital room while the suspect is being treated?

  1. Kalamazoo Police Officer Nick Oliver demonstrates how a knowledgeable law enforcement officer can articulate a consensual encounter into an investigative detention stop and ultimately a federal conviction for unlawfully carrying a firearm.

  1. Can law enforcement use the Community Caretaking Doctrine to cross the threshold of a residence to seize firearms of a person who had some mental stress the day before?

  1. Can law enforcement cross the threshold of a doorway to stand-by for clothing under the Community Caretaking Doctrine?

  1. Can law enforcement cross the threshold of a doorway utilizing the Fresh Pursuit Doctrine for a suspect involved in an ongoing misdemeanor?

  1. Can law enforcement rely on an unidentified in-person tipster?

  1. Can a law enforcement leader be held civilly liable for creating or not modifying existing policy?

  1. When can handcuffing be considered excessive force?

  1. When can law enforcement handcuff during an investigative detention?